Project Archive/Hide in Project Center

Environment: Project Server 2007, Project Server 2010, Project Server 2013


There are two options to hide projects in the project center as per below:

Option 1: Set the project filter for the project center views based on enterprise custom field. For instance, custom field has following values – Archived, Live, On-hold.

Below are the steps to hide the projects in a project center view:

a. Logon to Project Web App. Click on Server Settings > Manage Views > Click on Project Center View in which you don’t want to see the ‘Archived’ Projects. Refer snapshot below:


b. Apply the filter using the Enterprise field in your environment. For example, we have used the ‘Project Status’ field as per below snapshot for the Project Center Summary view.



 Option 2: Daily Schedule Back up/Administrative Back up

a. Configure the daily schedule back up or perform the Administrative Back up as per TechNet link below –

Daily Schedule Back-up

Administrative Back-up

b. Make sure to validate the project availability in the archive database before you delete it. Steps as below –

Launch Project Web App > Server Settings > Administrative Restore


c. Once you have confirmed the project availability in the Archived DB then you are ready to delete the project so that it won’t appear in the Project Center. Following are the steps:

Project Web App > Server Settings > Delete Enterprise Objects > Select the project you want to delete > Make sure the option ‘Delete the associated Microsoft SharePoint Foundation sites is not ticked.  Refer snapshot below:

 Note: In case you need to restore the deleted project in future if required then you can associate the existing Project site after restoring the Project. If you tick this option while deleting your project then the Project site will be deleted permanently as Daily Schedule back up/Administrative back doesn’t archive a Project site.



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