How to hide an Enterprise Project Type

Environment: Project Server 2010/2013

Background: when creating a new project within the Project Center, the list of available EPTs contains some EPT’s that are not currently in use .

Requirement:  Client has requested to hide the existing EPT type in the list as it was no longer in use for them due to internal Business reorg.


  1. Insert a new value in the department lookup table such as “Not currently in use”. Steps as below

Server Settings > Enterprise Custom Fields and Lookup Table > Department (Lookup Table)

2. Choose the Department association value “Not currently in use” for the Enterprise Project Type which you don’t want to show in the list. Note that this department association is used only for filtering the Enterprise Project Types on the Project Center and not for security. Steps as below

Server Settings > Enterprise Project Types > Choose the value as per step in the department section.

3. Check the EPT in the Project center ‘New Project’ list it has disappeared now. Bingo!!

Note: In case you want to display the above EPT type again in the list then simply reset the value of the department associated to it.



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