The WebPart was unable to load

Environment: Project Server 2010

Background: Web Part fail to open on one project in the PDP.


ULS Error Details:


Cause: Project schedule is corrupted.



As a workaround, the user need to recover the corrupted project file as per below steps:

1. Open the corrupted project in MS Project.

2. File, Save As, Save As File.

3. When prompted select to save with “All Enterprise Custom Fields”.

4. In the file dialog select the Save as type: XML


5. Save the file to your local computer.

6. Once saved, close the project (don’t forget to check in!) and reopen the saved XML file, when prompted choose to import ‘As a new project’.

7. Once opened, select Save As and save the project to the project server using the exact same project name.

8. When prompted say yes to overwrite the existing project (you did check it in right?)

9. Publish and you’re done.

10. Check the project in the PWA.

Note: This process will overwrite any previously saved data for that project, the impacts of this are as follows;
• In-progress timesheets will be affected and remember that internally all tasks and assignments are recreated so existing OPEN timesheet periods will be updated. This may result in un-submitted timesheets losing actual work, or worse in progress timesheets failing to submit.

Refer the following link to find out other options to recover the corrupted Project using the Microsoft Project Professional –

Alternatively, user can restore the schedule to the previous day’s version if daily Administrative backup is configured. In theory, the user should only ever lose maximum of one day’s work on the schedule. Refer the following link to restore the previous version project plan –


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