Error Code (2058): New Project has been created successfully, but failed to publish

Error: Your new <Project Name> has been created successfully, but failed to publish and will not be listed in the Project Center. For more information on the failure, visit the My Queue Jobs page or
contact your administrator.

Queue Error Details:

Datasets: ProjectDataSet Table ProjectResource Row: RES_UID=’ef1d05bf-1aa2-4268-a052-40aa14bfbfd9′ PROJ_UID=’9ef874f5-9b0b-4c8f-90f0-0bcac9e3ea32′ Error rsResourceCannotAddLocalWithSameNameAsEnterprise (2058) – column RES_UID Row: RES_UID=’1489e8bc-1a3f-4f74-8d54-8e2c8371b5e5′ PROJ_UID=’9ef874f5-9b0b-4c8f-90f0-General Queue: GeneralQueueJobFailed (26000) – ProjectCreate.ProjectAddToMessage. Details: id=’26000′ name=’GeneralQueueJobFailed’ uid=’8bd26794-965a-450d-9d52-aec9224dbfc8′ JobUID=’d5e8599f-a259-4f15-abdc-0bcc5dd2b8e8′ ComputerName=’SNAPPSTST12′ GroupType=’ProjectCreate’ MessageType=’ProjectAddToMessage’ MessageId=’1′ Stage=”. For more details, check the ULS logs on machine SNAPPSTST12 for entries with JobUID d5e8599f-a259-4f15-abdc-0bcc5dd2b8e8.

Cause: The project WBS/Schedule template uses Enterprise Resources that have been deleted or converted to Users.


Step 1: Open the Project Template (MPT) in MS Project professional 2010. You will see the below pop up message. It has listed the resources those have been deleted or converted to Users.

Please note, in this case, we are assuming one Project template configured in MS EPM Project Management System. You will need to check all the project templates when using more than one.


Step 2: Now, we have two solutions to resolve this issue for future projects:

Solution 1: You can remove the above resources from the Enterprise Project Template Resource sheet and update the Project Template.

Solution 2: Convert the resources into Local Resources by clicking OK on the dialog box illustrated in above screenshot  and overwrite the existing project template.

Either of the above solution will allow you to Create/Publish the project now and resolve the project creation issue.

Hope this helps you.




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